The Best Gift to Yourself.

Week 35.

Day 232 – 238 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

If you joined our wealth-building challenge since the beginning, we are in our Christmas week… and most people are buying gifts all over the world to give to others… that is a noble act… that is an act of love, kindness and gratitude.

But, what are you gifting yourself this holiday season that will make you remember you forever?

Here are some awesome gift ideas for you:

  1. The gift of waking up sober from now on.
  2. The gift of committing to build your dreams.
  3. The gift of learning new skills so your life becomes even better.
  4. The gift of coming clean to your relationship and work out any disagreements respectfully.
  5. The gift of investing in real assets like real estate.
  6. The gift of a good night sleep.
  7. The gift of meeting new people who will love to be part of your dream.
  8. The gift of inner integrity by being very clear about what you want.
  9. The gift of loving yourself.
  10. The gift of feeling-good every day as a new standard.

As a bonus…

The gift of believing in yourself unconditionally.

Give the best present ever by being present and Be the real present.

See you next week!


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