Consistently Different Approach to Life.

Week 34.

Day 225 – 231 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

I often hear people saying how bored they are with their lives, how monotonous their relationships are. These same people usually have very bad habits of doing things over and over again that do not bring them any joy, any pleasure, any satisfaction or fulfillment for that matter… and those same people are not per se successful because they do not keep up with what it takes to succeed in their lives and in their business.

My point this week is to share that if you are one of those people or know someone like what I just described… maybe, just maybe, you can share and apply this simple concept or approach: CONSISTENTLY DIFFERENT.

I am someone that gets bored very easily and very quickly… and because of it, I am always looking for a new excitement, a new experience. However, when it comes to business we must have a niche, be focused and do it consistently for some time… so, how to reconcile those two points of view… how to stay consistent with our actions and at the same time be excited?


You do not have to be changing business models all the time. You do not need to be jumping from network marketing to crypto to real estate to coaching to insurance to wall street.

Simply do different activities in a way to aligns with the end-result you want to achieve in a consistent way.

For example, in my case, I talk to agents and sellers about buying their vacant lot. I go to my closings in person. I hire my subcontractors. I love tracking my construction progress. I stay on top of my finances… in other words, I keep myself always doing something different, yet totally related and in alignment with the results I am pursuing… that keeps be entertained, excited and I never get bored.

Try this approach in your business. Try this approach in your life.

Building up your networth can turn a bit boring when you are doing it for some time, but if you quit, you’ll never achieve the lifestyle that you want… so quitting is not an option.

Instead, apply a fun way to keep yourself effortlessly motivated on a consistent basis… be consistently different!

See you next week!


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