Who are You with Money?

Week 33.

Day 218 – 224 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

This week, I want to bring you to a moment of reflection about who are you with money.

Yes. Who are you really? Who are you as a rich person? Who are you as a wealthy person?

Are you kind?

Are you a snob?

Are you funny?

Are you authoritarian?

Are you conceited?

Are you nurturing?

Are you abundant?

Are you fair?

Are you compassionate?

Are you respectful?

Are you grateful?

Who are you with money???

Building wealth is not only about money. Building wealth is more about who you are becoming in the process.

The way you treat people who are close to you should give you a good idea of what kind of individual you are.

And honestly, if you are not happy now with who you are… then, make the decision and the commitment to change those aspects of yourself that no longer match with the new YOU… the new YOU with money.

Always be mindful of the words you choose when asking for services… remember that you are always talking to other people and that they deserve your upmost respect at all times.

Always be impeccable with your words, your actions and your behavior.

Become that person with money and wealth that people will love to be around, simply because they are nice to other people.

Now, answer this question:

Who are You with Money?

… See you next week!


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