Rectify your direction, goals and objectives.

Day 178 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

As we continue to get closer to our goals, it is important to frequently rectify our direction, our goals and our objectives.

Are you still working towards your initial goal?

Have you improved, enhanced and expanded that initial goal?

Are you currently uncomfortable with your current expanded goals?

Evaluate your feelings. Evaluate your level of fulfillment amd satisfaction. Evaluate your results.

Celebrate your progress. Acknowledge where you need to improve. Continue moving forward.

Remember that you decided to join this 365 days challenge to build your wealth… and you should not negotiate with that at all… under any circumstances.

You deserve to enjoy an amazingly happy and prosperous life regardless of where you come from, your past bad experiences and all the challenges you may have already endured.

Today, rectify your direction, your goals and your objectives!


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