Are You a Good Tipper?

Day 136 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

When you tip other people for services rendered, do you tip them well? … and what does it have to do with you building your networth and your wealth?

When you go to restaurants, use valet parking services, go to a hair salon, buy an ice cream… Do you tip all the time?

What kind of client are you?

Do you tip well in excess of what is suggested?

Do you tip only what is expected?

Do you reduce the suggested tip amount on your bill?

Your relationship with money and the way you look at people dictate your behavior and your actions.

If you are abundant, you know it.

If you are stingy, you know it.

And usually there’s a repeat pattern… you keep doing the same.


Reflect on how you tip for services rendered.

Reflect on how you feel inside the moment you are adding the tip to your bill… Do you feel good? Do you feel conflicted? Do you feel worried? Do you feel guilty? Do you feel grateful?

Money is all around us everyday… and feeling good around money is part of you healing your relationship with it.

Start by this small observation… How do you tip others?

And keep building your networth everyday!


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