Day 95 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!


After you present your business to prospective clients, you must be excited to the anticipation of those clients saying YES to you, but you must ask for the sale and you must close the sale.

Most people get embarrassed to ask for the sale. Big mistake!

You are bringing value to this client. You are giving them something that they will use to their benefit. You should be proud of yourself for helping others and you should get paid very well for doing it.

Master the step of closing your sales every time. 

What does closing a sale mean for you?

It might be exchanging cash right there on the spot.

It might be sending a contract for your client to sign.

It might be sending your client an invoice for them to pay it.

It might be taking them to a website where they sign up online.

Whatever your process is, make sure you are telling them exactly what they need to do.

Many times, clients are left alone in the process and they get confused or doubtful and consequently, they end up not buying from you.

Make it a habit to make them feel good all the way. Be there. Show them how it is done.

When you treat your clients like they are clients-for-life, your relationship and the way you go about it changes exponentially… and with time, so will income, your networth and your wealth.


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