Day 93 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

PROSPECT every day. Easy, right? But, will you do it? Will you really be so disciplined to do it? Will you be consistent enough to see results? 

In most cases, lack of prospecting new clients is the main reason why you don’t earn more income.

Is not the product or service. Is not the system. Is not the economy. Is not the client.

Is you who does not have the discipline to be consistently persistent in the activity of PROSPECTING NEW CLIENTS.

Make prospecting an everyday habit and you will skyrocket your business. 

When I was doing truck financing, 23 years ago, I used to prospect in the mornings everyday for 2 hours straight via fax. Then I would follow up with a phone call. After 3 weeks, my income more than doubled.

15 years ago, when we started to build homes with our first development company Pilar Homes Developers, I made it a purpose to talk to new people everyday, at least 10 people. We ended up selling 68 millions dollars in pre-construction. 

Now, with our new development company Viamar Homes, we are back to talk to new people everyday to pick interest and see who wants a new home or who wants to invest in real estate. 

We do it via email, instant message, text, phone and in-person. 

We have already sold several homes in pre-construction and we project to reach 100 sold units by the end of the year. Good or good!


Implement prospecting for new clients as an everyday activity. Do it consistently. Period. 

Let the results speak. Let the results tell you how good you are doing.

The question is: will you do it?


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