Mind Your Posture with Your Clients.

Day 61 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!


When you are dealing with your clients, POSTURE is often ignored.

What posture? … Your posture towards how you want your clients to perceive you and consequently treat you… and buy from you.

Yes, you want to please your clients.

Yes, you want them to be happy.

Yes, you love when they buy from you.

But, at what price?… at what level?

As a professional that you are in your industry, you must have a posture that will uplift you, empower you and make you stand out from others.

You do that by showing your confidence in the way you talk, you explain your product or service, your price, and your overall performance.

Be mindful not to confuse confidence with being arrogant or let your ego lead the conversation.

You must be very clear which are your limits. What you allow and what you do not, in terms of time, pricing, benefits and personal interaction with your clients.

Never allow anyone to disrespect you. No client is worth you accepting them to treat you badly. Period… and if that ever happens, have the dignity and courage to walk away and even fire them as clients.

You must honor yourself first… then others will follow that path.


Reevaluate what is your current posture with your clients. Is there anything you would like to improve? Is there anything you must change?

Then, do it!

Making an improvement in your posture will impact your sales, your closing ratio, your referrals, your income, your networth and your wealth.


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