Rotten Apple Clients.

Day 59 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

There are 3 main groups of clients. There are RED apple clients. There are GREEN apple clients. And there are ROTTEN apple clients.

It is to your advantage to know who you are talking to, because it will save you tons of time and it will help you increase your overall results.

ROTTEN APPLE CLIENTS are not rotten people. They are simply clients who have an objection to every answer or explanation you give them regarding your product or service.

It doesn’t matter how much you explain anything to them, they will not buy from you… and you will waste your time with them.

But, once you realize you are in front of a ROTTEN APPLE CLIENT, all you need to do is ask them for a referral. Who do they know that will benefit from your product or service? That’s it!

They are good people. They are just not buying from because their objections blinds them, but they will be happy to send you to a few of their friends.

If you master to get 5 referrals from them and they buy from you, then your ROTTEN APPLE CLIENTS will not feel so rotten after all, right!

Be smart and maximize every opportunity you have to be in front of new clients to share your product or service.

Remember, you are on a journey to build your networth and your wealth. You must be relentless!



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