Red Apple Clients.

Day 57 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

You want to sell your products and services. You have a prospective client in front of you, but how do you know if this client is ready or not to buy from you? And how do you figure that out quickly so you don’t waste your time?

There are 3 types of clients or main categories that you can place your prospective clients in.


These are the clients that once you make your presentation, they are ready to buy. They say “YES”. They ask some questions to clarify their thought-process and then make a decision fairly quickly.

Usually RED APPLE CLIENTS have an understanding of what they are looking for. They have the ability to buy. They know what is the maximum price they are willing to spend.

They are considered your ideal clients… because they buy. They want to buy something and if what you offer is within their buying criteria, guess what, they will buy it.

Your ability to detect who is a possible RED APPLE CLIENT for you is important because this simple innocent distinction will make you the most money. You will close the most sales. You will save tons of time. Your income will skyrocket. Your networth will multiply. Your wealth will increase exponentially.


Assess who is a possible RED APPLE CLIENT for you… and go focus on those primarily.

Your job is to answer their questions so they can make the decision to buy from you.

And remember, to close the sale!

How many RED APPLE CLIENTS do you want every month?

Use the simple parameter I shared and you will see how easy it is for you to increase your closing ratio and increase your income.

Focus on RED APPLE CLIENTS… they are your goldmine!


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