Selling at the right price.

Day 52 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

What is the right price for your services or products?

This is a tricky question to answer… and many people will tend to say: “I don’t know”.

When you pair up pricing and value together it is easy to see how they correlate.

Understanding this simple distinction can increase your revenue 30, 40, 50, even 100% and more.

When you offer real value to your clients, the price becomes irrelevant and people buy.

But if you are struggling because you don’t know what to charge for your products or services… the problem is not the price… the problem is that you are not sure your offer has enough weight, enough value that will make people want to buy from.

When you are not sure about the value of your offer, it goes deeper into understanding what are your personal beliefs about your offer, value, money and you.

Are you worth it of receiving that money for  what you are offering? Are you deserving that much money? Are you offering too little?

What is the right price for your products or services?

All successful people charge the right price for what they offer. They understand that what they offer has tremendous value. They know that what they offer has benefits that improves  people’s lives. They know that the price they charge is appropriate. They allow monies to flow to them openly all the time… and that dictates the lifestyle they enjoy.

“Sales is your self-esteem poured into your product or service” ~Ms. Pino.


Revise the price you are charging for your products or services.

Be open to increase them… amd you can easily achieve that by offering more value.

Remember, you are building your networth, your income… you got to charge for it.

Decreasing your prices is detrimental to your growth… DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT.


When you believe in yourself, you will sale your services and products with no hesitation because you know your own value… You are worth it!


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