Free Advertising.

Day 47 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Free advertising or free publicity is possible, very doable and profitable if you know how.

Some celebrities like the Kardashians get tons of free exposure totally for free from media sources out of anything they do. When that happens, their brands, their products and their businesses grow.

You can do the same in your local area.

Free publicity creates brand awareness, credibility, new clients and new revenue for your business.

You can offer to write an article for a publication that gets distributed to thousands of people.

You can send out a press release announcing a new product, a new service, a new joint venture, a new revolutionary approach, etc.

All publications are always looking for relevant stories they can talk about… then, have them talk about you. Reach out to the publication’s writers and share your story… find at least one who will publish your story. Start with one and go from there.

If you get published, that will lead to other media outlets wanting to do the same: television, magazines, podcasts, radio stations, influencers, event organizers, social media platforms.

Free publicity might be all you need to take your business one level higher.

Get to work. Do your homework. Get published for FREE!


Think about what story, what message, what news you can share with the world that will allow you to get free publicity for your business.

This one free tool as part of your marketing, advertising and sales strategy will powerfully transform your business.

Create that one opportunity for yourself!


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