No Cash Advertising.

Day 46 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

We all need to advertise our services and products, but for most, the cost of advertising is a problem, consequently, we restrain ourselves from making that investment because we don’t know how to make that money back in time to continue building the business.

What if… you can implement a long time established way to get what you want with no cash, zero money exchange?


You can easily offer your services and products in exchange for something else you want that you would normally have to pay for.

You can negotiate with any business that they give you services or products and you in exchange give them something back that they want… you can even sale their services or products further to a third party at a discount, collect cash flow for you and it won’t cost you money out of your pocket… because you are bartering services and products at a negotiated rate in exchange for other services and products or cash.

Using bartering in your business gives you a bigger buying power because you can realistically sell something that you didn’t pay for in cash and still make money on the moment.

Let me share what I did before.

When I started building homes, I noticed that most of the subcontractors that wanted to work with me were good on the field, but they were a mess with their paperwork and administration logistics, so I offer them to help them structure them on a system that they could easily follow so all their invoices, orders, jobs, payments, documentation would be in place by the time they needed to file their taxes with the IRS.

They were happy to hear my proposal… In exchange, I wanted that them to do 1 or 2 houses on whatever trade they did (slab, bricks, partitions, drywall, tiles, carpets, painting, stucco, landscaping, etc…) as the way to pay me for my business expertise to help them get properly structured.

No cash exchange. All in trade. At even cost. At market price. No discounted prices for neither. Dollar for dollar.

They were happy beyond belief.

The results were amazing. It resulted in over $100,000 in value… real labor cost that I traded for my expertise that I didn’t pay for in cash… once the houses were sold, I put in my pocket an extra $100,000 and that was real cash for me.


Think and create a bartering scenario that you can use in your business to help you increase your sales, income and your NetWorth.


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