Choose Happy & Prosperous.

Our parents teach us the best they can and  know at the time… and most of the time, for many, those teachings are to struggle in life. It’s up to us to assess if that advice serve us well or if that advice perpetuates the struggle. There’s always a better way to do things. In today’s world, we have the […]

What success looks like for YOU?

If you don’t know how success feels like, looks like, talks like, drives like, lives like… obviously, you have been walking opposite to success all this time. Just turn around! For many people, success is a pie-in-the-sky kind of thing. Many believe that success is reserved only to those who are born from wealthy parents, educated parents and with high […]

Be Great!

Every day is a new opportunity to thrive… to do things that please you… to laugh more about the funny things that happen unexpectedly… to learn more about the things you don’t know nothing… to live your life at your very best! Today, reflect on the many ways you can change your life for the better. Life is supposed to […]


Today, I want to invite you to visit our newly refreshed website As many of you already know, we are building new homes in Cape Coral, Fl. Real Estate is one of my passions… and creating new homes, new opportunities, new jobs and new experiences is something that fills me up with immense satisfaction. If you want to own […]

Self-worth equals NETWORTH.

How good, exciting, thrilling are your days from the moment you open your eyes in the morning? Are you living on-purpose? Maybe you are. Maybe you are exhausted. What if… you start paying attention to the many segments you have in any given day. Be mindful of the activities you do everyday. If you want to increase your networth, you […]

How to deal with BIG projects?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have amazingly big ideas to turn into new projects and with them come lots of facets to deal with. BIG projects take time. BIG projects require lots of focused attention. BIG projects demand an excellent team in place. BIG projects can carry big risks, delays and even potential losses. Is is worth it? … absolutely, […]

Start your day with a positive reminder.

Yes, breakfast is important… what we eat in the morning will fuel us to feel great the whole day. Yes, what we fuel our minds is even more important… because it will dictate where we are going in life… what we are focusing our energy on… and where our intentions are to achieve the life we want. Find a mentor […]