I talk a whole lot about success, achieving success, having a successful business, living a successful lifestyle, but, what is success? How do you define success?

I am naturally a very driven, self starting person. I want something and I go for it… so success for me is basically getting what I want, arriving at the end-result.

It is not just one thing… success is… many many things… and all of them bring you points where your attention, your energy and focus goes.

When do you feel successful? Please answer this question.

Today, reflect on your habits, the things you do regularly, your routine, your activities, your desires, your goals, your life’s purpose.

Are you getting what you want? If you are, awesome! If you are not, then acknowledge that you are walking in the opposite direction… so it is your turn to change lanes, change direction, change approach, change people, change  places, change jobs, change your mindset… you are your most important person in your life… so honor yourself!

Now, what is YOUR definition of success?

And with that question… I will close this Sunday message, wishing you a fantastic day.

See you all tomorrow! 🌞🥰


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