Managing your Energy on Mondays.

How to better manage your energy on Mondays? How to stay in a positive state of mind that will help you enjoy a beautiful day? Have you encounter times when you are happy, you are ready to conquer the world and then, you meet people that are in an emotional dump? How do you deal with those people and circumstances […]


I talk a whole lot about success, achieving success, having a successful business, living a successful lifestyle, but, what is success? How do you define success? I am naturally a very driven, self starting person. I want something and I go for it… so success for me is basically getting what I want, arriving at the end-result. It is not […]

We’ve reached over 2,000,000 people!

Today we have reached and surpassed a milestone. Today we have over 2,000,000 people who are watching our livestreams. And what is the big deal? Well, this is being done totally organically… no paid traffic, no paid advertising, no pay-per-clicks campaigns, nothing of that. We decided to simply share the content from our websites, from our network to Facebook and […]


The million dollar question: How do I deliver more VALUE to more PEOPLE in less TIME? All business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves this question very frequently… especially when they are constantly looking for ways to expand and grow their businesses. But, how can you do it in a way that is easy… that is fast… and it is effective? […]