Awesome Sunday everyone, Often people complain that they need help, that they need someone who teach them how to do something they don’t know… especially when it comes to business. Often people want a coach or a mentor. And where we are with the technology today… that is the easiest thing in the world to do… and it will not […]

Women Mentors to Follow.

Which of these women inspires you the most? Which of these women will teach you powerful lessons to make you go higher? ALL OF THEM! Yesterday, I shared Men Mentors… Today, let’s focused on Women Mentors. Once a day! 1. Esther Hicks. 2. Ms. Pino. (I don’t YouTube… all my videos are on my website only.) 3. Vianca Pino. (visit […]

Men Mentors to Follow.

Here are 31 Men Mentors you can follow… one per day… If you are like me and you get easily bored, if you love variety, if you are ADHD, if you love to have options, if you love to explore different points of views, if you love to learn from different schools of thoughts… those men will for sure add […]

When you go to the Supermarket.

If you go buy something at the supermarket and you say: “Oh, this is too expensive”… is not the price that’s the problem… it’s your mindset that is not expanded enough to figure out how you can afford it.   Most people think that they don’t have the money to pay for it, but I am here to tell you […]


Do you know what ENTREPRENEURSHIP is all about? Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Today, we share our insight about what is like to be an entrepreneur…what it takes to be an entrepreneur… how can you become a better entrepreneur… Do you relate to some of these words: PASSION. INSPIRATION. DRIVE. INNER-GUIDANCE. VISION. PLAN OF ACTION. LONG HOURS. FLEXIBILITY. CONTROL […]


In this show, we will cover very briefly how important is to have the right MINDSET in order to become successful. Why having the right mindset is so crucial to achieve the results you want? How can you shift and at-will put yourself in the right mindset even when you are feeling not-so-excited? What to do? What not to do? […]


  Do you Approve of yourself without holding back? Do you totally accept yourself? Well, many will think about these questions and take some time to answer… they will try to find the perfect words, the most appropriate acceptable answers, the politically correct way of saying things without hurting anyone’s feelings along the way…all of it is just justifying and/or […]

What kind of SOCIETY do you want?

In a world with over 7 billion people is challenging to have one system that works for everyone… and especially as we all want different things, we all have the opportunity to create our own. OUR #MILLIONAIREAPPROACH PHILOSOPHY TEACHES YOU HOW TO CREATE A SOCIETY THAT SUPPORTS YOU TO BE HAPPY AND TO BE PROSPEROUS.