“All-in-ONE-site” with Really Awesome TV.

How many different online platforms do you use on a regular basis to market and advertise you business, services or products? You are probably using 5 to 7 seven different platforms to get it all done: I-tunes for Podcasts… You Tube for videos… Periscope for your quick livestream sessions…BlogSpot or WordPress for your blogging…Infusionsoft for your shopping cart integration and […]

Just Married! …Ms. & Mrs. Pino!

Hello my friends, on Monday August 17/ 2015… Vianca and I decided to get legally married in Coral Gables, Florida after 19 years of a wonderful relationship. For some of you who personally know us, we have built a life together, we have raised children, we have worked really hard, we have created a wonderful home environment, we have struggled […]

Living with Intention.

Are you Living your Life with Intention? Have you clearly defined the direction you choose to go with your life to achieve your next level? Well, Today, we want to share with you a very simple exercise to help you bring clarity to your world. During the next few days, ask yourself these 5 simple questions: 1.- How do I […]

My first book cover from 2008.

This is the cover of my book from 2008 when I first wrote it… Now, I am working to republish a new version and soon I will be sharing the cover. “A Millionaire’s Approach” is the title and I am very happy to share it with millions of people all around the world. I send you all Hugs with Joy […]

Hello my RATV friends from around the World!

I am super excited to share with everyone my new updated site… Today, we re-launched a new upgraded version of our platform… Many amazing features are now available to all our broadcasters. Welcome to WordPress provided by RATVLIVE.com as part of our services!!! I am ready to start blogging, sharing my livestream shows, sharing my pictures, sharing very valuable training and mentoring services….and […]